Declutter. Part 1 of many

Ever since Mom died back in November, 2012 and my brother Larry pretty much had to clean up the estate I’ve been thinking my survivors shouldn’t have to work so hard. I can get rid of my crap myself and if I sell it, I’ll get the use of cash.

Selling the 200 albums in the vinyl collection was pretty easy. Finding a serious collector instead of a flipper is the main effort. A month later, I don’t miss them. I’m working with a reseller on EBay to sell my old computer mags and memorabilia. I have some dollars early. That’s a slower process with lots of friction but If I can eke out a few hundred dollars that’s more than my survivors will get sending it to the landfill since they won’t appreciate them as keepsakes or collectibles. When was the last time I looked at my 1977 DDJ Volume 2 Issue 1? When I scanned the Cover a few days ago. I’ve got a lot of that kind of stuff.

Near abouts the same time, the freezer unit in the garage fridge died. I saved a few things and some of it wasn’t worth saving even though it was OK. More unused stuff, this time worthless. But it was food and that’s waste.

I’ve not mentioned my dislike of the fridge in the kitchen. Side by Side and half the freezer side is filled with ice maker and grinder. None of which I care about. The other freezer section is not capable of holding anything serious like 2 pork butts or a packer brisket. I need a proper freezer. Spend more to save more.