Bumps Downhill. We’re all traders in the potholes.

Once again it’s time to review the portfolios. I do that more times than I write about here. I didn’t sell stocks in my taxable accounts before the “Fiscal Cliff”. The cliff was always a series gawd-awful pot holes in the road. You might die (financially) from the cliff jump, Thelma and Loise style or you might beat yourself to death on the slow road of pot holes to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and die from drowning in an inch of puddle. The wall of worry could be anything.

The hardest part of investing (or success in damn near anything) is putting the zero-sum game mental demon we all have into it’s proper place. Some things are win-win for all involved but we measure them with a binary win-lose microscope. Say I sell my HD after a 300% gain and then it goes on to double again. Who wins me, or they guy who bought my shares? Am I the biggest loser? I can’t know. Think about it. I can’t know what he sells his (used to mine HD shares for). I can’t know. I can guess and speculate but I’ll never know.

Too many people want to know they’ve beaten their opponent and all their children are above average and the certainty of a government issued savings account return. If it’s a zero sum game, those folks will be the losers.