Oh, those pesky Mayans. Check your batteries and candles

The power went out last night as the clocked ticked to 12:12:12 (in some time zone). I was about to make a late night dinner. There are several kinds of outages. The first type I call the groaner where the lights go out and then you hear everything shut down slowly. The house gives up a last gasp. You get a few cycles of 60HZ wind down. There is the fake groaner where half the equipment returns to life a third of a second later. Groaners usually don’t last that long. Some driver did a face palm with a power pole.

And then there is the second type. Absolute quiet and completely dark, not even 1/60 second of groan. Even the sound died with the light. My thought “Opps, this is isn’t good and it won’t be back soon”. I navigated to the drawer with the flashlight and use that to find the decorative candles on mantle. Some folks call them “accents”. I lit those and sat back thinking. Lousy light from the candles and as it turned out of them didn’t have a whole lot of wick and stick left. Find more candles.

That also turns out to be where I have the other candle sticks (accents) and the stash of candles my late wife acquired. One of those things men learn to never complain about. Like now. Of course I’d had a drink or few more and the 12/12/12/12:12 coincidence (plus/minus grid lag, gnomes, elves and unicorns) got me to thinking. Did terrorists and “evil doers” plant a virus in my utilities computer system? Is the whole grid out?

Can’t check the Internet. My throwaway cell phone did have bars but I trust it less than my ability to drop kick a field goal from 30 yards. It might not be as terrible as I was imagining. Using the flashlight, I found the boombox in the garage. It hasn’t been used in a half dozen years, maybe more. I know the batteries in it weren’t used much, but that was long ago.

The radio was happy and I had an almost endless list of stations to listen too. All crap music or talk. AM or FM in the candle light. No mention of my blackout. On the radio, It was all good. FM doesn’t carry that far. It was comforting even though the music sucked. This would not last forever.

It didn’t.