Who New? Part 6 [At Last]

The road goes on forever and this story needs to end (apology to Joe Ely)

Color me “Not Surprised” that Home Depot ($HD) did not get around to crediting my VISA account with the return/refusal of the dishwasher. So, two weeks later I called and asked when my account would be credited I’ll give you my short version of what they told me.

If you refuse the delivery (or install) then the appliance goes back to the delivery company and then back to the manufacturer and maybe in your lifetime, one of them tells $HD. I’m not making this up, “usually. we wait for the customer or installer to call”. I wanted to scream “WTF” but she was talking:

“I see we asked Comptons to send it back to our store, instead. That’s odd”. (that means the installer did tell them). Evidently the record also showed, I’d refused it and all their goat roping failures. “If you give me your card number, I’ll put in the credit ” …. “Thank you… It went through!”. I think she might have squeal in delight at the success. Of course, it’ll take a few days to clear at bank before I can verify it.

Somewhere in a cold unlit warehouse is that dishwasher, w/o paper work, homeless. With sad dishwasher eyes looking into the camera and a Sarah McLaughlin voice over., “Why do they abuse me? With a small contribution , You can support abandoned dishwashers”.

It has been that absurd. Surreal in 30 days.

[Update 11/19/2012]
I have my credit! Yay! I’m whole with Home Depot.