Plex Media Server on Ubuntu Linux 12.04

I’ve been playing with Plex Media Server in Linux (also for Windows and OSX). It’s an active project and it works when you finally get it set up. It has the ability to tailor itself to the device and the file being requested. If your device (like my Panasonic Viera TC-L42E50) isn’t supported you can create a profile of what is supported and invoke transcoders to produced the supported dlna video stream. There is a trade off. It works. It cranks my system up to 166% cpu (dual core) which is kind of annoying but understandable. If you only intend to watch the weird format movie once, it’s tolerable.

Plex is heavy! It can take many hours to scan your Music library at high cpu loads and whirring fans. It’s photo handling is sub-par but I can’t complain about it’s music handling once the scan is done.

I probably won’t get around to testing or creating a profile with for my Buffalo Link Theater HD since mostly works just fine with Plex Media Server.