The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert

I’ve been a long time reader of the authors blog so I knew the book was coming out and I knew what was going to be inside, more or less. I ordered it from Amazon [Kindle version] after installing the Kindle for Android app on my seriously non standard Color Nook (running CM7.1 aka Android 2.3.x.y.z). There is an occasional layout issue where one or two pixels of a line of text are hidden at the bottom. I can’t possibly point a finger at the cause. It might be something the author did (probably not) or something the Kindle for Android app does on my hacked up Android tablet. A minor problem because every page or two in the book I need to step back and calm down. I tend to get angry when when science is hijacked for political purposes and no one complains.

Donna Laframboise did what most journalists don’t do much of these days. She looked deep inside the UN IPCC process and the participants (the book isn’t about the Science as a few commentators claim). She founds chinks (or gaping holes) in the wall of perfection that the IPCC erected claims to be. If you think process, personalties, politics, advocacy and consensus don’t matter in science, this book will point out that you don’t see what has happened to climate science. Or you don’t want to see or perhaps you thought science can’t be hijacked. I hope that good scientist wake up and decry what has happened. Until then, you might as well trust in paranormal studies. There’s probably a UN commission for that too.

Since I bought my copy and wrote my Amazon review, a shit storm has erupted in the blogosphere (I had nothing to do with that) and the book has gotten some MSM attention. WWF Canada even put out a press release about it that seems to claim they have an invisible firewall between them and member scientists and none of their hand picked volunteer scientists who are part of the IPCC would never, ever forget they are scientists first as only seekers of the truth. Actually WWF didn’t defend as well as I did so that’s faint praise as they go under the bus.